Prayer Message 2020-05-19

Prayer Message Update from the Hong Kong Police Force Enoch Christian Fellowship (the Enoch Fellowship)

  • The most severe four months of the novel Coronavirus has passed and the tension has eased. During this period, no cases of infection have been reported for police officers (Hong Kong Police Force, HKPF) who have been to the quarantine areas. Thanks to our Heavenly Father for his love, protection and providence.
  • The pandemic has gradually stabilized in Hong Kong but tension in society resurrects in which rally, provocation and verbal abuse reappear. Frontline police colleagues are again required to work for 12 consecutive hours, which also means that their lives are once again stuck in an unbalanced cycle of only work and sleep.  Please pray for the HKPF which has been facing this social movement for an endless year, and plead our Lord to protect law enforcers wherever they go, and that they can enforce the law intelligently and help Hong Kong citizen restore calmness and rationality, and away from crime.
  • Due to the stabilization of the pandemic, more than 60 group gatherings of Enoch’s branch, division, quarter and other groups will be re-opened one after another.  May God guide our group members to keep a healthy and intimate fellowship life while being conscious of maintaining health alertness lest the virus may return.
  • Apart from the collaboration between our counseling department and the Psychological Services Group (PSG) of the HKPF, please pray for the Enoch fellowship for more cooperation with other units so as to increase opportunity to gather Christian police officers to strengthen their faith, to share and to pray together for mutual support.
  • Pray for the second evangelical event to be held on 22 July. May God use this event and inspire colleagues in the HKPF to know the Lord and accept the gospel.

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