Pray Message with International Christian Police Fellowship (2021 Dec)

Hong Kong

Seasonal greeting from the Hong Kong Police Force Christian Enoch Fellowship (the Enoch Fellowship). As Christmas
is looming, brothers and sisters of the Fellowship would like
to extend our warm wishes and best regards from Hong
Kong to all members of the ICPF and their family members.
We wish you a joyful and healthy Christmas with abundant
God’s blessing particularly amid the global pandemic of COVID-19. Below are some prayer items from the Fellowship.

  1. The year of 2021 is a year of God’s blessing and
    miracle experienced by the Enoch Fellowship. In order to
    extend our horizon and boundary for the sake of the Gospel, the Board and all ministerial staff plan to expand the
    site of the Enoch Fellowship by purchasing a new site but
    without any funding nor the support of any mortgage from
    the bank. With all the dedication of the brothers and sisters,
    we did it. God is present here. We testify in our bodies that
    He is the Lord of all things, and nothing is impossible with
    Him! Thanks God!
  2. For the Enoch Fellowship from January 23 this year,
    despite the severe epidemic, it has established a Saturday
    adult worship service, which is carried out by online Zoom.
    After the relaxation on gatherings, physical and online services have begun in April. On May 1, the children’s worship
    service was also established, and the youth worship service
    was held on September 4 too. The total number of people
    attending the three services is over 100 each week. Thank
    the Lord for connecting us. In the past 40 years, the Enoch
    Fellowship can only be together once or twice a year. Today,
    it has become a whole. Worship has become a platform
    for follow-up after evangelism. Pastoral care will be given
    to brothers and siters in more than 60 different Districts
    and groups. Thanks to the Lord for the connection and the
    strengthening of our sense of “oneness”!
  3. Following the Rally Evangelism in 2020, five District
    evangelistic meetings will be held in Hong Kong, Kowloon
    and New Territories in 2022 to actively spread the Gospel to
    police colleagues. The responsible brother / sister of the five
    Districts have been invited to set up a preparatory committee to set the timing and venue, and set up various teams
    such as worship team, reception team, chat and cultivation
    team, etc. Members of the Enoch Fellowship love to share
    the Gospel and they do not forget the original intention of
    establishing the Fellowship 40 years ago! Thanks God!
  4. The fourth evangelistic meeting of the Enoch Fellowship this year will be held on December 11. May the Lord
    touch the Fellowship to involve and invite police colleagues
    and their family members to get to know Jesus and share
    eternal life!


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